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Cases tagged with Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Matrix Cellular: Tapping into Innovation to Disrupt a Regulated and Saturated Market

Set in July 2015, the case follows Matrix Cellular (International) Services (Matrix), a telecommunications company that forayed into the nascent cellular telephony market in India, as a retailer of mobile handsets, accessories and international SIM cards. The Managing Director and Chairman of the...

MatchMove: Business Model Evolution

In early 2009, Shailesh Naik founded MatchMove, a Singapore-based online entertainment service provider. Naik and his business partner had identified a gap in the Asian online gaming market and their vision was to plug this gap with a company-specific platform that incorporated casual gaming,...

BPI Globe BanKO: Reshaping the Philippines Rural Banking System

This case is set in December 2014, and discusses the business model and challenges facing BPI Globe BanKO (“BanKO”). Established in 2009, BanKO is the Philippine’s first mobile phone-based, microfinance-focused savings bank. At that time, statistics showed that eight out of ten Filipinos did not...

China’s Digital Landscape: Imitating or Innovating

China’s digital market is on the rise at an exceptional pace, and giant digital players, such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, have already surpassed some of the U.S. industry’s most successful names in terms of market capitalisation.
When competing in China’s digital market, local Chinese digital...

Kheng Keng Auto: A Global Business Selling Scrapped Cars and Car Parts from Singapore

This case, set in August 2014, examines Kheng Keng Auto (KKA), a Singapore-based family business with global operations that deals in pre-owned vehicles, recycled auto-parts and scrap metal. Founded as an auto repair shop in 1980, the company eventually diversified its offerings and expanded into...

Tagit: Mastering the Challenge of Scaling a Business

The case documents the journey of a start-up from inception to the growth stage, and is suitable for understanding the following business strategies: pivot strategy, credibility and reputation building, role of the Board of Directors, and scalability of young businesses.
Tagit is a Singapore-based...

Matthew’s Choices: Critical Career Decisions

This case study set in 2013 discusses the critical career decisions that Matthew Tan, a young university graduate from National University of Singapore, has to make. The case is in three parts. In Part A, Matthew inspired by his childhood experiences is toying with the idea of leaving his job at...

Movie, Money, Marketing: Branding ‘3 Peas in a Pod’

Michelle Chong is a successful actress but a novice producer in Singapore. After her directorial debut success, she decides to produce a local movie set to premiere in November 2013 based on a script she had written ten years ago. Chong is still getting used to the business aspect of movie making,...

Unilever Platinum Stores: Building a Brand for the Community

This case describes the conception and development of an innovative store concept by Unilever, Thailand, and illustrates the challenges of setting up and scaling a corporate social responsibility project that involves the active participation of members of the community.
Ratchtar Karasuddhi, the...

Sunlabob Renewable Energy: Solar Power for Laos and Beyond

Sunlabob Renewable Energy is a Laos-based enterprise established in 2001. For the first seven years the business was entirely focused on Laos. Initially the company provided off-grid electrification to the rural poor as an independent power producer (IPP) or by providing equipment and services to...


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