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Asian Management Insights aims to develop a body of knowledge and a narrative of innovation and creativity for trends in Asian management. It brings together some of the best and brightest of Asia's thought leaders and their solutions to address current Asian challenges.

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Asian Management Briefs (AMB) is a peer reviewed online magazine which raises and discusses practical issues facing Asian based businesses, governments and society. AMB articles will address local Asian problems or phenomena, and how business, government or society is addressing these concerns.

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Perspectives@SMU is SMU’s online public outreach publication that seeks to provide thought leadership on management practice in Asia. The monthly newsletter combines exclusive interviews with senior executives and acclaimed academics, with up-to-date reporting on the latest salient issues of the moment.

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in Perspectives | 2 weeks 4 days ago

Hard discounters: Underestimate at your own peril

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Intellectual property, innovation and the retail industry

in Perspectives | 31 Oct 2018

Think ahead to protect your intellectual property, and leverage on it to deliver customer value Being a market leader sometimes brings unexpected trouble., the online arm of one of...

Teachers, education, and inequality in the developing world

in Perspectives | 31 Oct 2018

Investing in teachers is key but incentivising poor parents to keep their kids in school is crucial When the United Nations adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, the...

The rise and fall of bike-sharing platforms: A lesson in e-commerce

in Perspectives | 31 Oct 2018

This article is republished with permission by China Business Knowledge at Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School. You can access the original article here.  ...

Three useful things to know about running a team

in Perspectives | 31 Oct 2018

This article is republished with permission from BusinessThink at UNSW Business School. You can access the original article here.     Best practice to inspire and ensure a...

U.S. economic outlook for the rest of 2018

in Perspectives | 31 Oct 2018

Fed rates to inch up as GDP grows but China-U.S. trade war is a major worry In its last meeting in September the U.S. Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised the fed fund rates by an...

Anwar Ibrahim: Forgiveness, character and values can rescue Malaysia

in Perspectives | 26 Sep 2018

Anwar returned to the political fray for the country's youth despite the threat of imprisonment; they can rebuild the country with principles and tenacity of purpose When the Malaysian Court of...


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