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Asian Management Insights aims to develop a body of knowledge and a narrative of innovation and creativity for trends in Asian management. It brings together some of the best and brightest of Asia's thought leaders and their solutions to address current Asian challenges.

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Asian Management Briefs (AMB) is a peer reviewed online magazine which raises and discusses practical issues facing Asian based businesses, governments and society. AMB articles will address local Asian problems or phenomena, and how business, government or society is addressing these concerns.

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Perspectives@SMU is SMU’s online public outreach publication that seeks to provide thought leadership on management practice in Asia. The monthly newsletter combines exclusive interviews with senior executives and acclaimed academics, with up-to-date reporting on the latest salient issues of the moment.

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in Perspectives | 3 weeks 11 hours ago

Belgium, Brexit and Nationalism

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How have sexual predators thrived in the workplace?

in Perspectives | 31 Jan 2019

This article is republished with permission from BusinessThink at UNSW Business School. You can access the original article here.     A chronic failure of HR management needs to...

Luxury branding for Asia

in Perspectives | 31 Jan 2019

Asian brands must aim to be aspirational; having employees who really understand the brand is crucial Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”...

Perception of corrupt acts: East vs. West

in Perspectives | 31 Jan 2019

This article is republished with permission by China Business Knowledge at Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School. You can access the original article here.  ...

Stock recommendations in China: Buyer beware

in Perspectives | 31 Jan 2019

Research analysts have incentives to issue positive recommendations; social ties with fund managers exert considerable influence The stock price of NASDAQ-listed Chinese education firm Hailiang...

“Woke” advertising and The Best Men Can Be

in Perspectives | 31 Jan 2019

Gillette’s latest ad has generated lots of conversation. But has the world’s largest shaving products brand lost more than it has gained? When Gillette launched its latest ad...


in Asian Management Insights | 11 Dec 2018

Should we be cheering or jeering? The U.S. trade policy and its impact on Asia are under the spotlight. In ‘Pride and Protectionism’, Mark Zandi, Steve Cochrane, Ryan Sweet, Ruth Stroppiana and...


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