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Cases covering Philippines

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Great Women: Integrating Micro-Entrepreneurs into the Regional Value Chain

The case, set in mid-2017, traces the evolution of a gender-responsive regional level multi-stakeholder platform called GREAT Women ASEAN, dedicated to the economic empowerment of women micro-producers. In 2008, Jeannie Javelosa (Jeannie) and her friends Regina Francisco and Pacita Juan, had set up...

BPI Globe BanKO: Reshaping the Philippines Rural Banking System

This case is set in December 2014, and discusses the business model and challenges facing BPI Globe BanKO (“BanKO”). Established in 2009, BanKO is the Philippine’s first mobile phone-based, microfinance-focused savings bank. At that time, statistics showed that eight out of ten Filipinos did not...

Manila Water: From Privatisation to Sustainable Growth

In order to resolve severe water management problems in Metro Manila, the Government of Philippines began rolling out a privatisation scheme in 1995 with the objective to provide piped water to everyone in the city with regular 24-hour access. The scheme aimed to auction off service provision of...

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