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Case Writing Initiative Team

A good case, like good writing, is easy to read. But good writing is not easy writing. With excellent storytelling capabilities and experience, our team of case writers and researchers strive to deliver compelling stories that captivate readers.

Last updated on 08 Nov 2018 .


"A case study is like a historic document that captures an event in real life, and creates a learning experience for students that continues to be useful to them throughout life."


A case study reflects the dynamics of a real business environment. It enables the participants to appreciate the complexities involved in managerial decision making and apply the academic concepts learnt in the classrooms.

Chan Chi Wei

"The case method is a dialectic one that helps students examine and sharpen their arguments to establish the truth of the matter through reason and logic."

Dr. Havovi JOSHI

“Writing and teaching case studies is a great way to bridge the gap between the academic and business world - effectively capturing a business situation and using it to teach an academic, and yet very practical, concept in the classroom.”


“With cases, the real world enters the classroom. Participants become active learners and problem-solvers. They develop the critical decision-making skills that will serve them throughout their careers.”

Adina WONG

“Cases allow one to integrate what one learns in the classroom with what one may encounter in the real world. It not only facilitates practice in thought, but also in communication and empathy, both key skills in business."

Dr. Cheah Sin Mei

"Someone once said: “Behind every name, there is an untold story”. We go behind this name to unfold compelling stories, and facilitate meaningful learning from cases, such that its influence extends well beyond the classroom where lessons are taught."

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