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Zalora: Dressing Up the Mobile App to Engage Customers


This case looks at the challenges of managing a multi-channel marketing model. Specifically, it focuses on the significance, performance and value proposition of the mobile app platform in relation to the desktop and mobile web channels. In March 2013, Zalora, a leading online fashion retailer in Asia-Pacific, had diversified it sales channels by launching the Zalora mobile app. Almost three years on, Tito Costa, the Managing Director of Zalora, is faced with some hard-hitting questions, specifically in relation to where he should focus the company’s future investments. Although the mobile app was an important channel to draw in customers, conversion rates and retention needed improvement.

Tito knew that the question was not whether to have a mobile app or not, it was about getting the best value from it. What investments and incentives were needed to create a large and growing set of loyal customers who would see the Zalora as their go-to app for all their fashion needs? Did Zalora have the resources to execute these plans? And, importantly, would these investments be worthwhile?

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4 Apr 2018

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