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Blasting out of Singapore: AJA’s International Tech-to-Market Strategy



The case is set in 2015 and follows Angela Toh, the founder and director of AJA Enterprises (AJA), a Singapore-based company established in 1999. The business began as a distribution company for silicone sealants and aluminium cladding for windows. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, Toh was inspired to focus on building security services and products. Expertise in this area led to the launch of Enerzorb in 2014, a patented AJA blast mitigation system for glass building facades designed to absorb, diffuse and transfer blast energy away from the impact area.

The company has always pursued a cautious growth strategy, but now Toh must bring her company’s patented Enerzorb technology to the international market in order to continue growing her company. A more aggressive approach may therefore be required. Creating greater awareness for her branded product remains a key challenge. AJA needs an effective strategy to not only grow new business beyond Singapore, but also attract serious investors and partners that can help the organisation scale up.

Students will explore some of the challenges faced in bringing an innovative product to market, scaling-up and expanding into new markets.

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21 Apr 2016


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